We all know that the holiday season brings guests over and it’s helpful to have an array of go-to snacks to serve up at any moment. At Magimix, our favorite thing is whipping up a homemade salsa or dip to serve fresh.

Fresh Mexican Salsa

Fresh Mexican salsa on a plate with chips.

Using your Magimix food processor to finely chop the olives, green chiles and tomatoes makes this recipe a cinch!

Festive Bean Salsa

Bean salsa in a bowl with chips.

This festive salsa brings the colors of the season to your table with red and green peppers, jalapenos and black eyed peas!

Greek Pita Spread

Greek pita spread in a bowl on a blue towel.

This Greek-inspired spread is perfect served with pita chips. Simply combine cream cheese and a Greek vinaigrette, top with yummy chopped veggies, and serve!

5-Minute Guacamole

Guacamole in a clear glass bowl.

In a pinch and need a quick snack to serve up? This 5-minute guacamole is super easy to whip together for a last minute gathering. Toss all the ingredients into your Magimix Food Processor and call it good!

Calico Cheese Dip

Calico cheese dip in a red bowl with pretty garnish on top.

No one would ever guess that the zesty flavor of this cheesy calico dip comes from a salad dressing mix!

Salsa Roja

Salsa roja in a white bowl with chips on a plate.

This crowd-pleasing red salsa uses canned tomatoes, making it easy to throw together on a moment’s notice. Simply place the ingredients in your food processor and pulse until combined. Add the chopped avocados in right before serving!

Holiday Salsa

Holiday salsa on a white plate with crackers.

With a mixture of cream cheese and cranberries, this salsa has an unexpected holiday twist that’s sure to be a hit with guests. “When we offer this cream-cheesy salsa of fresh cranberries, cilantro and a little jalapeno kick, everyone hovers around the serving dish until it’s scraped clean,” said one reviewee from Lubbock, Texas.

Crunchy Vegetable Dip

Crunchy vegetable dip in a tan bowl on a wood surface.

Serve up this crunchy dip with some veggies and crackers. The mixture of mayo, cream cheese and lemon juice give it a creamy kick to compliment the vegetables.

Your Magimix Food Processor makes it quick and easy to blend up homemade dips and salsas on call for your guests. Keep this list of dips and salsas on hand for any last minute parties!

Source: Taste of Home