Puréeing Soups and Sauces

Many of our favorite soups and sauces are pureed to a silky, smooth, perfect consistency. That consistency is made easy by a quick transfer into your Magimix food processor. Flip the switch and ta-dah! A perfect, silky soup is ready to be enjoyed.

Salsa, Pesto, Hummus, Dips, and Spreads

Many of these delicious foods require a lot of tedious and precise dicing and chopping. With a Magimix food processor, it takes away all of the difficulties and makes more time for enjoying rather than preparing.

Homemade Pastas

Is the taste of Italy one that you want in your home? It can be pretty easily achieved with the use of your Magimix food processor. In a few quick pulses, you can have dough ready to roll out into any form of pasta. Yum!


Grinding meats in your food processor is easy, cheap, and well worth it. You simply cut whole pieces of meat into smaller chunks for easier grinding. Pro tip: Freeze them until the edges are stiff, and then pulse them in the food processor until coarsely ground.

Homemade Nut Butters

It seems to be that any form of nut butter you can buy at the grocery store is packed with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. You can make it fresh at home, with only one ingredient: NUTS! Using your food processor you can have it made in minutes!


Have you ever tried cutting ice cold butter into flour by hand? It can be a tedious and long process and leaves your hand exhausted. With your food processor, you can have perfectly cut and combined butter in just a few pulses!

Homemade Salad Dressings

The food processor does all the work for this one. No more cutting up tiny herbs and sticky garlic! Throw all of your yummy ingredients in the food processor and you get a smooth, creamy dressing in minutes.

Shredding Cheese

Making homemade mac n’ cheese and dreading the time it will take to grate your cheese? Switch up the blades on your food processor and you can have it grated in a fraction of the time.

Chopping Nuts

Chopping nuts is just one of those annoying things to do. They fly off your cutting board from under your knife and end up all over the place. With a couple pulses in the food processor, you can have perfectly chopped nuts for any recipe.

Chopping Veggies

Your food processor can shred carrots, chop broccoli, and effortlessly chop onions. This can make any kitchen task that much easier and enjoyable.