Should you get a food processor? Do you need a food processor?

The short answer: if you have a job, a life, or value quality time with your family, then yes, your kitchen needs a food processor. Endlessly versatile, a Magimix food processor combines the use of a knife, blender, mixer, grater, and a dough cutter; and the list goes on.

Doubtful? Read on for the long answer, but only if you’re willing to join the food processor fan club.

1. Chop, Mince, and Dice with Ease

Cut down the prep time spent on tedious, precise chopping and leave it to your Magimix food processor. Not to mention, you can create fine slices and even julienne with the Magimix Creative Kit Food Processor Attachment!

2. Cut Out Preservatives

Store-bought baby foods, jams, and nut butters are chock-full of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients that only weaken the flavor of your foods. Avoid the extras by making your own foods and even juices from scratch in your food processor!

3. Homemade Soups, Butters, and Dips Galore!

Savor the rich natural flavors of your ingredients without straining yourself to finely chop all the fixings for your homemade soups!

Churn cream into butter, or if that’s not your thing, blend nuts into a creamy spread you’ll fall in love with. Hard nuts and tough-to-cut veggies are no match for your Magimix’s stainless steel blades.

Plus, there’s no better way to impress a dinner guest than bringing out a homemade dip. Achieve a flavorful salsa or dip in minutes with your Magimix food processor!

4. Skip the Mixer

We’ve already chopped, ground, and pureed lots of yummy foods in this one kitchen tool. Why not mix and knead some dough while we’re at it? Skip the mixer or dough cutter and let your Magimix food processor shine as the all-in-one appliance it truly is.

Making pastries, pizza dough, and even homemade pasta dough has never been easier!

5. Get Creative With Produce

The spiralizing trend has taken the food world by storm, and for good reason! It’s a delicious way to incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet in a creative way. And with the Spiral Expert Food Processor Attachment, spiralizing is a breeze.

Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, reduce carb consumption, or get your picky little ones to eat their veggies, a food processor has something for you.

Read this blog post for other ways your Magimix food processor can help introduce new ways to use fruits and veggies into your life.

If you’re not convinced that your kitchen needs a food processor, give the Magimix Food Processor a try! If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, return it in 30 days- no questions asked. It’s as easy as your new life with a food processor will be!