Food Processors and Blenders have many of the same functions and can be used for similar things. Both appliances are very versatile and can make your life easier, cutting down on time spent in the kitchen.  

The assorted blades and disks make the food processor a food prep workhorse. It can easily grind hard objects like nuts, cut vegetables into perfect slices, and even mix dough. The Magimix food processor also doubles as a juicer and spiralizes vegetables.  

Blenders have a large capacity and strong motors. They are ideal for blending ingredients smoothly. A blenders’ tall chambers are perfect for pureeing hot soups and liquids without risk of spilling over. Their strong motors are great at turning hard ice and frozen ingredients into a creamy smoothie or shake.

Use a food processor for:

  • Slicing and julienning vegetables
  • Grinding and blending nut butters
  • Making zoodles
  • Dicing ingredients for salsas
  • Pureeing thick dips or spreads like hummus
  • Kneading and mixing dough
  • And much more!

Use a blender for:

  • Blending fruits
  • Mixing batter
  • Pureeing soup
  • Whipping pudding
  • Making thinner dips and salsas
  • Blending dressings
  • Making sorbet

When it comes to general pureeing, grinding, and mixing, either appliance will do the trick. You can take your pick, depending on whether you want a thicker or thinner finished product for the following:


  • Pureeing sauces
  • Mixing and blending dressings
  • Mixing batter
  • Pureeing soups
  • Mixing dough

The Magimix food processor is unique among most food processors, as its blades come just two millimeters away from the sides, allowing for a smooth final product.  With the Magimix you have the capabilities of a food processor and a blender in one amazing machine. 

Let us know in the comments what your favorite ways to use your Magimix food processor are!