Have you ever attempted to make your own nut butter from scratch? Not only is it easy to make it also happens to be very healthy! Making nut butter is easy, simply throw your choice of nuts into your Magimix Food Processor, blend them as the recipe directs, and boom, you’re done! Whether you are looking for more healthy snacks or just want to try something new, nut butter is a delicious addition to your diet. Here are a few reasons to add it to your diet.


Nut butter can be an excellent source of fiber, protein, vitamins, healthy fats, and minerals. By making your own, you will avoid the added sugars and preservatives that store bought nut butter includes, and keep the natural nutrition found in nuts! Almonds, which are one of the healthiest nuts, are also a great source of antioxidants, magnesium, and vitamin e.

Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight, nut butter is a great way to start. Healthy fats, unsaturated fats, are essential for a healthy body and a clear mind. When you consume a healthy amount of fats and protein, your weight can often be easier to maintain. Simply pair the nut butter with your favorite fruit or other healthy side and you’ve created a yummy healthy snack!

Reduced Cravings

The amount of protein and healthy fats from nut butter will keep you feeling full for a longer amount of time. This will help you to reduce the number of cravings you have throughout your day and can help with weight loss.

Healthy Cholesterol

Almonds, walnuts, and other tree nuts are fantastic at aiding the body in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. You can snack to your heart’s content without the stress of increasing your risk for heart disease. 
Check out this list of several nut butter recipes to make with your food processor!