Our Story

It was in Burgundy, the heart of France– a region noted for its gastronomy– that Magimix invented the food processor over 40 years ago. All Magimix products and parts are designed and made in France, making them the most reliable and high-quality products to this day.

Magimix products are designed to make life simpler for the serious cook or someone wanting to become more efficient in the kitchen. The Magimix food processors have their roots in professional products designed for commercial use, as the motor design takes inspiration from Robot-Coupe’s commercial products.

The range combines the best cooking traditions with today’s technology, and is supported by strong domestic use guarantees and after sales service.

Thanks to Magimix innovations, the most demanding tasks can be accomplished quickly, easily and quietly.

50 Years of Progress

Launch of the very first food preparation appliance by Robot-Coupe, today’s world leader in commercial kitchen equipment.
The first multifunction food processor is invented.
The first egg whisk is invented for the food processor.
First multi-bowl food processor, allowing several tasks to be carried out in succession.
Magimix releases the first see-through toaster.
CS 5200XL Premium hits the market.
We have an incredible line of food processors in various sizes that will fit the needs of any chef. Whether you’re looking for something small to cook for your family, or entertaining large groups of people, Magimix has the right food processor for you.